The story

The New Revolution


You awake in a daze, you struggle to open your eyes, all of a sudden a tall shadowy figure stands over you and asks for your name, you're too dizzy to even slur a word, he asks you again, in an authoritic voice, your eyes begin to slowly close as if you're falling back to sleep.


As you wake for the second time you see more people around you, all gossiping to eachother. You then reply with your name. The gang look at you with a smug look, pausing, staring at you. Trying to murmur a few syibles seems too difficult. Have they drugged me? You don't even know where you are, you feel as though the ground is moving below you, the room is dark, a man turns to you and says;

Man : Hey you, you're new here eh?

You : Sorry what?

Man : Ahh I know, Doesn't matter kid you rest

You think to yourself what he could of possibly meant, whilst pondering on this, another person takes you into a conversation with the others, as you try to get the gist of what they are saying the room sundenly stops moving, It's not a room its van.

Man : The name's paul by the way.

You : Okay nice to meet you.

Paul : Believe me it isn't.


You step out of the vechile and are handed some cash,

Paul : What you need to do is make this world pay!

You're all confused and don't really understand what he meant by it, but hey look at the money he gave you...